The Senate yesterday approved the extension of the state of emergency in the 3 North-Eastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, by another 6 months. This followed a similar approval granted by the House of Representatives last week Thursday.

In a unanimous voice vote, all the senators consented to the extension. This was however without some politicking behind the scenes before the plenary sitting. Senators from the Northern part of the country had previously objected to the extension of the emergency rule, insisting that nothing had changed.

However, after briefing by the service chiefs, and some concessions made, the senators agreed to back the president’s decision. The military is now expected to provide the senate a monthly report on the state of affairs in the affected states. According to reports from the Senate, if their performance is not satisfactory, the state of emergency may be reversed. The Senate also demanded for proper equipping of the Nigerian army and the submission of a supplementary budget to enable the proper funding of the military.

The current state of emergency expired on Monday, 19th of May. The president had, in a televised broadcast on the 14th of May 2013, declared a 12 month state of emergency which had restricted the terrorist activities to Borno State. However, the recent kidnap of over 200 school girls in Chibok as well as the bomb attacks on the out skirt of the nation’s capital has raised concerns over the efficacy of the state of emergency.

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