Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola, has given reasons why he preferred not to be drawn into religious debates. He told an audience of religious leaders at an inter-faith gathering in Lagos that a religious debate has no just umpire. ‘Who is going to end a religious debate?’ he asked, ‘who will be that umpire? What rules are we going to engage it with and who decides who wins?’

He drew a parallel with a football match or a legal debate where the referee and the judges, respectively, decides on the logical sequence of events and determines when the debate should end. ‘A religious debate has no logical sequence’, Fashola said.

Fashola, a Muslim with a Christian wife, gave the talk following the clamour by some people in the state that a Christian should emerge the next governor of the state. He wondered whether a clear line could be drawn between Christian blood and Muslim blood, or between Muslim and Christian water and urged the people to continue to promote unity and brotherhood instead of discrimination in whatever form. He reminded them that there is no way a Muslim may not have contributed in the building of a church or vice versa.

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